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Grant Application Assistance Package

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In the current Australian fundraising and government funding environment the trend both with Commercial enterprises and Governments is for funding to be allocated to community, sporting, recreational or not-for-profit groups through Grant Allocations. Grant allocations from over 250 Government schemes alone account for over $10 billion AUD$ annually. As part of this process organisations are now being asked to formally apply for Grants allocations both commercially and with government. This process is regulatory, and prudent in a modern world where every dollar needs to be accounted for however for groups this process can be time consuming, intimidating, frustrating, and sometimes simply beyond their expertise and experiences. 


Sports Business Consulting offer a simple service of either identifying Grants or working with groups, commercial enterprise and government to apply for Grants and project manage their implementation on their behalf.


Our Grant Application Assistance package will begin with assisting groups identify grants and working with them in either consultation or FREE Workshops to identify the barriers to being successful. Furthermore our Application Assistance package can then be tailored to the individual group to help then with or complete on their behalf an application for Grant Assistance. The final phase of Grant Application Assistance is obviously the communication and implementation phase when an application decision is made and communicated and the implementation of the project takes place.


The Three Phases of Grant Application Assistance Package

Phase 1 – Identification

Phase 2 – Application

Phase 3 – Communication and Implementation











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