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Sponsorship Services has developed into a niche industry for Sporting and Recreation organisations and is a cost effective alternative to more traditional Marketing services. Sponsorship although a relatively new marketing medium, has become critically important to organisations as they build business and community relationships and seek alternative sources of revenue.


Sponsors in the 21st century are seeking actively engaged partners providing quality business returns on investment and terrific active branding support. Sponsorship as a gratuity or donation has been replaced by partnerships that provide value for money marketing and endorsement support to existing activities.


In Australia alone Sponsorship revenue in the Sporting and Recreation industry would of easily topped $100million since the turn of the last century.Sports Business Consulting Sponsorship Services will include

1.      Sponsorship Brokerage Service

2.      Sponsorship Strategy Creation

3.      Competitor Activity Report

4.      Property Selection Criteria Development

5.      Property Creation

6.      Contract Negotiation and Preperation

7.      Measurement and Audit


To assist clients in finding sponsors the Sponsorship Strategy Creation service will include

-        Inventory Identification and Creation

-        Sponsorship Package Development

-        Value Assessment

-        Property Sales

-        Marketing Strategy Analysis

-        Contract Negotiation and Renewal

-        Competitor and Market Research

-        Program Activation and Management


Questions you should be asking of your own business in terms of Sponsorship? 

1.      Do you have existing sponsorships?

2.      Do you have sponsorable properties?

3.      Do you service a market or community group?

4.      Do you have sponsorship proposals?











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Our Vision

Sports Business Consulting will be a positive support and conduit between sporting and commercial organisations and /or government. We aim to offer services and consulting that enhances social capital within your community.