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Management Services

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Sports Business Consulting offers consulting services to organisations management which might include structures, organisational audits, communications, marketing services, profiling, memberships, products, planning, succession, transition, competition, branding, finances, diversity, streamlining, growth, obligations, and recommendations. Our reporting and recommendations will identify areas and strategies of focus as well as justifications, methodology and best practice.


Sports Business Consulting can offer solutions to issues that organisations are facing or may face in the future and can assist with how to implement those solutions. Our consultants have a depth of experience both in Business and in the Sport and Recreation sector that gives you piece of mind you are dealing with a professional who will deliver innovative and effective results.



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Sports Business Consulting offers specialised services for clients in the business of sport and recreation management. These clients include corporations, organisations, bodies, sporting associations, clubs, boards, directors and not for profit organisations. Sports Business Consulting has a competitive range of packages fully tailored to the clients business objectives. We specialise in Grants, Fundraising, Sponsorship, Marketing and Management Services.